What is the Big Deal about a Little Sin Anyways?

What is the Big Deal about a Little Sin Anyways?

Why do some people (especially religious people) make such a big deal about sin? We all do it. We all have told that little white lie when asked - “Does this shirt look good on me?” Or, “Do these pants make me look fat?” What about when we find that $10 bill on the floor. We don’t ask those around us if they dropped it. We know if we did, they would all say yes. After all, I thought it was finders keepers - losers weepers.

 Let’s take a look in the Bible at the very first sin or what some religious groups would call “the original sin” so that we may discover what the “real deal” is about sin.

In Genesis chapter three and in verses one through six we see an engagement between a serpent (satan) and Eve. The serpent engages Eve in a conversation which distracts her from her daily duties that the Lord had given (tending to the Garden). This is what we call temptation. Temptation is an attempt of the devil to distract you from what the Lord wants you to be doing (fulfilling His destiny for your life). Temptation is also designed to draw you away from your focus on God and onto the devil’s trading floor. Here the serpent offers Eve an opportunity to disobey the word of God by questioning or instilling doubt into the integrity of God’s Word. It can be said this way. Temptation is an attempt to draw you away from your worship of God (walking out your destiny) and drawing you onto the devils trading floor. Satan will always attempt to engage you; distract you with temptation; question the validity of God truth; in order to get you to take his offer of sin in a trade (that is all the devil possesses); with the ultimate goal of taking something from you in trade so that he can build his kingdom.

 Notice, Eve took the bait. She believed the lie - “you will not surely die” over the truth God stated - “the day you eat of this fruit you will surely die”. She took satan’s trade of - “you will become like God” even though she was already like God created in His image. The moment she accepted satan’s offer she entered into a trade. Eve took sin. She believed the lie over the truth. She acted on the lie and ate the fruit. At that point, satan now had a legal right to take something from her. Satan took the dominion that God had given man over the earth. Satan now had legal authority to function on earth. He now had a foundation in which to start to build his kingdom of darkness.

 I hope you are getting the point. Every time you sin, no matter how small you may feel it is. You are entering into a trade with the devil. Every time you accept his offer, he will take something in return. The things he will take from you are parts of your divine destiny that God sent you here to fulfill. These things could be your blessings, business opportunities, financial prosperity, physical and emotional health, spiritual giftings and anointing. The devil wants to trade these from you so that you will live in far less or in lack. This causes two things to happen, one - you will question God’s goodness towards your life. Two, it gives satan the materials he needs to build his kingdom of darkness as he can’t create anything on his own. Sin creates a win - win for satan and a lose - lose for you. This is why sin is so deadly. Not because it “Offends God” - - IT DESTROYS YOU along with building the kingdom of darkness.

Praise God that Jesus came and destroyed the works of the devil. Praise God Jesus has made a way for us to be reconciled to the Father. Praise God that “If you confess with you mouth the LORD Jesus and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved”. If you have never been born again, please receive Jesus as your Lord. Without Jesus you are eternally doomed to destruction. If you are born again, I pray this give you a clearer insight into the destructiveness of sin. Sin leaded to death - “For the wages of sin is death”. Satan says - “you will not surely die”. The choice is yours. Don’t be deceived as Eve was. Jesus overcame sin death and the grave and so can you!