My name is Martha Vendt and I’m the Children’s Director at Destiny Christian Church. I would like to share with you some of what we do at DCC Children’s Ministry.

We have a nursery through age 2, preschool, ages 3-5,  and  Destiny’s Kids Power Club, ages 6-12 available during the regular morning service.  There is a sign-in sheet and number given to you as you bring your nursery through preschool child to class.  The person taking them to class must also be the person to pick them up, unless you give in writing a list of persons you will allow to pick up your child after the church service.

We typically have the preschool and older children participate in games and highly energetic songs together, then we break up into our classes.  This is because of the small size of our community. When we have more children, we will make the adjustments as needed.

It’s our desire at Destiny Christian Church to train children to do the work of the ministry.

To do that, we not only teach Bible Stories to the toddlers and preschoolers through the Gospel

Project curriculum, we also have a learning center for 3-5 year olds that briefly goes over topics like Salvation, Praise and Worship, The Holy Spirit, Prayer and Intercession, Healing the Sick, Evangelism, World Missions and The Bible.  The Gospel Project goes through the entire Bible in the course of three years.  I find its distinction to be that every story points to Jesus-Old and New Testament.  This goes along with Jesus stating that the Scriptures point to Him!

Our 6-12 year old are a part of Destiny’s Kids Power Club, which is a Power Club through Kids in Ministry International.  Becky Fischer is the Founder of KIMI, and Monica McKeen is the State of New Hampshire and Massachusetts KIMI leader. I’ve gone through KIMI’s School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry certification process.

To learn more about Power Clubs, click to the link provided. http://kidsinministry.org/powerclubs-are-unique/   

There is a short video that mostly explains The Tabernacle Pattern of Power Clubs. Feel free to look around their website.  They have many tools and resources for parents as well.  A great challenging book written by Becky Fischer is“Redefining Children’s Ministry in the 21st Century.”   I highly recommend it!

If you have any questions or just want to reach out, feel free to contact me.  martha.vendt@gmail.com


Martha Vendt